The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Rockets locker room this past year was almost as bad as the Celtics. The only difference is their best player isn’t leaving the team like Kyrie Irving.

The rift between James Harden and headache Chris Paul is just a straight kick to the groin. Imagine one year going to Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals and losing, but having a good idea of how to finally beat the Warriors…. Only to lose the next year in six games in the second round to them, AND they lost KD. Now? The only option is to blow the team up like aluminum in the microwave (State Farm joke). Continue reading “The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse”

Is Mark Jackson Being Blackballed?

The current ESPN broadcaster has been a source of controversy since his firing from the Warriors in 2014. For some reason, people can’t understand why Jackson doesn’t have a coaching job.

Yes, in his three seasons as Warriors head coach, they had a 28-win improvement over that span and turned into a legit playoff team with slight hopes of a championship… But the Warriors organization wasn’t the championship contender we know today. Continue reading “Is Mark Jackson Being Blackballed?”

Mets suck so bad the Manager Cant help but be a Jerk

The Mets are always going to be losers. Let’s make that clear. And this situation doesn’t help their cause at all.

Yes, the sports media, especially in New York, is the worst. You think Boston is bad? New York has some of the best/worst reporters in the country so I understand when athletes and coaches there are hesitant to go there. Continue reading “Mets suck so bad the Manager Cant help but be a Jerk”

The Montreal X-Rays… of Tampa Bay?

The Tampa Bay Rays have gotten permission from the MLB to explore become a two-city franchise.

Why? Well, the owner, after failing to secure money for a new stadium, is strong-arming Tampa now. The team isn’t making enough revenue and are stuck on a shitty lease deal through 2027. So what’s the next best thing? Trying to move the team the hell out of Tampa!

Kind of.

Year after year, the Rays fall to the bottom five in average attendance per game. The last time they weren’t in the bottom five was in 2010 … when they were ninth from the bottom.

I understand, everything is about money the owners. The MLB is thriving in terms of money from companies putting up advertisements throughout MLB games. But what happens when the fans stop coming to the ballpark? When fans stop tuning into games due to the lack of star power? Aaron Judge and Mike Trout are more boring than watching paint dry. Teams like Tampa have nothing to make money (and they’re doing really good this year). Literally, name me four players for the Rays. I’ll wait. Continue reading “The Montreal X-Rays… of Tampa Bay?”

Was the Kyrie trade a Win or Loss for Boston?

August 22nd, 2017. It’s a day most of us remember. The Celtics were about to start training camp soon, and it looked as if the scrappy Celtics that made it to the Eastern Conference Finals from a year ago were on the same course… But that all changed with one trade. Continue reading “Was the Kyrie trade a Win or Loss for Boston?”

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Harrison Barnes just made one of the dumbest decisions in recent memory. Imagine being wildly overpaid at a job you’re just mediocre at. Then, one day you say, “You know what, I’m going to quit to go somewhere else. Screw this, I deserve better.” Only to most likely get a hell of a lot less from another company who knows what they’re doing.

And wouldn’t you know, Barnes did just that. With one year and $25.1 million left on the contract, the small forward just said fuck money and decline to exercise his player option for next season with the Kings. Continue reading “Stupid is as Stupid Does”