Patriots Dominate During Banner Night

If you live under a rock, then you’ll never know how excited Boston is for the Patriots season. Granted, Patriots fans are always excited, but there hasn’t been this much hate for a sports team since KD joined the Warriors. And now? Antonio Brown, the league’s best receiver, has joined the Patriots on a one-year deal. Can you dig it? Continue reading “Patriots Dominate During Banner Night”

Thrilling 10-3 Packers Victory over the Bears Starts off the NFL Season with a Nice Kick in the Groin

You don’t need to read the title twice.


Yes almost the same score as the last meaningful NFL game played; a 13-3 Patriots Super Bowl victory.

Sure, decently close games to the end, but is it enough to keep the current viewing audience on board with this product? Continue reading “Thrilling 10-3 Packers Victory over the Bears Starts off the NFL Season with a Nice Kick in the Groin”

The NCAA is Garbage

The NCAA has recently changed their criteria on who can become an agent for kids looking to test their market for the NBA Draft. Before, any NBPA-certified agent could become an agent to a student-athlete looking to see if he’s ready for the draft. Now, the NCAA requires that the agent have a bachelor’s degree, certified by NBPA for a minimum of 3 years, and take an in-person exam in Indianapolis, where the NCAA office is located.

If you didn’t think the NCAA was garbage before this news came out, then I’m sorry but you need to hear this. THE NCAA ALREADY MAKES MILLIONS OFF KIDS WHO DON’T GET A PENNY AND GET PUNISHED WHEN THEY SELL STUFF TO GET MONEY FOR FOOD. And now, they want to attack agents, specifically Rich Paul? Continue reading “The NCAA is Garbage”

The Knicks not Playing on Christmas is a Blessing

For any basketball fan, or NBA fan in general, Christmas is a special day. Presents, family, and food. Now add in 5 NBA games and you got yourself something to watch the entire day while enjoying your family and presents. It’s like getting an extra chicken nugget in your 10 piece (or 20 piece for the big fellas). Continue reading “The Knicks not Playing on Christmas is a Blessing”