Red Sox Have it Easy

chris sale

The Number 1 team in the American League’s road to the playoffs just got incredibly easy.

In their next 17 games, the opponent with the highest winning percentage are the 41-47 Blue Jays. The next highest are the 40-51 Tigers. Then the 39-51 Rangers. Then, the Tigers and so on and so forth. You get the Jackson Pollock picture I’m painting you. These loser teams they’re facing seems all to easy for them. No real test. Continue reading “Red Sox Have it Easy”

Celtics First Rounder Robert Williams a No-Show at first Summer League Practice


Are you kidding me? How is this kid already screwing up? How can you be so talented yet so immature? The Celtics’ number 27 overall pick in this years NBA draft fucked up, again. The incident before this was missing a conference call the morning after he was drafted because he overslept. Literally the easiest thing to do and he messed that up. Couldn’t get worse right? WRONG. Continue reading “Celtics First Rounder Robert Williams a No-Show at first Summer League Practice”

Hold My Drink Episode 8!

This episode we talk about the World Cup group stage, the problem with baseball today, and we give our top 10 fantasy football players! Khaled, Kennedy, and Fredy give you the takes you need to hear!
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The Curious Case of Hanley Ramirez


Charles Krupa / AP

In all seriousness, what the fuck? Hanley was one of my favorite Red Sox these past couple years. Being forced to root for assholes like David Price, Jackie Bradley JR, Dustin Pedroia, and Steven Wright these couple years, sue me for liking the guy who’s been known for his lack of effort these last couple years. But when the Red Sox designated him for assignment, I was shocked to say the least. His numbers in 177 at bats up to that point were okay to say the least, better than that crap show of a center fielder JBJ.  Continue reading “The Curious Case of Hanley Ramirez”