What we Learned: Week 2 NFL Edition

Eli realizing his line sucks

Welcome back everyone to this weeks edition of what we learned! This week from the Giants sucking, to how in the world Hue Jackson is still a coach. Honestly, this week didn’t look like it would be filled with drama but I was wr… wro… wrong. God, how did I see that without pulling a muscle? Anyway, lets dive into week 2!

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My Favorite Player is: Steph Curry

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First of all, I’m not a bandwagon Warriors fan; check the receipts if you want. The 2012-13 NBA season I started to like the Golden State Warriors. Growing up with diabetes wearing an insulin pump was part of my daily life. Since my insulin pump was fragile I had to be very careful playing basketball. I ended up learning to shoot a basketball very well from the 3 point line. The Golden State Warriors have demonstrated that they do that very well. Continue reading “My Favorite Player is: Steph Curry”

Red Sox Sweep Yanks

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So I’ll admit, I was wrong about this team. The Red Sox are the best team in baseball and I will now recognize it. For awhile, I felt like it was just the Astros who were the big shots in baseball with only them as the guys not to mess with. But after the Red Sox beat a 3rd place AL team/rival into a pulp over the weekend in a 4 game series, I’m glad I’m wrong. Continue reading “Red Sox Sweep Yanks”