Divisional Round Predictions

Welcome to the divisional round!

Fredy and I will take another attempt at picking the playoff games slated for this weekend. Fredy went 2-2 last week, as opposed to me… I don’t want to talk about it (fine, I was 0-4, stop laughing). Hopefully things go better.

This will be the first divisional round in the AFC not to feature Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady since 2002. We’ll get to see the future of the position in full swing, as Patrick Mahomes (24), Deshaun Watson (24), and Lamar Jackson (23) will each be playing. In the NFC, Jimmy Garoppolo will be making his first playoff start, and Kirk Cousins will be appearing in the divisional round for the first time. Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers are the old-heads of the group, as each has won a Super Bowl as a starting QB.

It should be a lot of fun, possibly the first of many times we see these QBs and teams during this time of year. Enjoy!

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Running Out of Time… Act Accordingly

They say one of the scariest things about being a human is having an understanding of time and the fact it is finite. Patriots fans are beginning to experience mortality in their own way.

The Patriots season came to an early end on Saturday, the earliest the team has left the playoffs since the 2009 season. With their loss to Tennessee, the offseason officially began much earlier than we’ve become accustomed to, and that means more time to ponder about the future of Tom Brady. Continue reading “Running Out of Time… Act Accordingly”

Wild Card Predictions

Welcome to the playoffs!

The NFL season was a lot of fun, but now the playing field is down to 12 teams, and this is where it gets really good. We’ll see the defending Super Bowl champions and a 2018 NFC runner up, as well as three teams who made the postseason in 2017 but missed them last season. QBs young and old, defenses elite and porous, and a lot of compelling storylines.

Can the Patriots win again? Can Drew Brees and the Saints climb to their second Super Bowl? Can the Titans upset the Patriots? How will Carson Wentz fare in his first postseason start?

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