The Stars and Duds of the ALDS

Nathan Eovaldi was in his finest form Monday night in New York.
Credit: Jim Davis/Boston Globe

Growing up a Boston sports fan, I can tell you that above all else, nothing is sweeter than beating the New York Yankees.  The pure joy of the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004 were some of my first memories of sports; I was raised on hating the Yankees

With that in mind, seeing the Sox take the ALDS in the Bronx was SWEET!

Winning the series in 4 games (and both games they played in New York), the Sox proved a lot of people wrong (including yours truly) about if they had the cojones to win a playoff series.  Beating the 100-win Yankees, the team with the third best record in baseball, proved that Boston was legit and up for the challenge.

Their reward?  Facing the 103-win Houston Astros (second best record in the MLB).

We won’t go down that road.  For now, I’m going to highlight the players that stood out to me against the Yankees, and the ones that worried me (and will need to prove themselves). Continue reading “The Stars and Duds of the ALDS”

Why Kyrie-to-New York was never happening

Kyrie media day.jpg
Credit: Getty Images North America

If you’ve ever read my tweets (it’s a trip worth taking, I promise), you’ll notice the rumors of Kyrie wanting out of Boston, and more specifically, wanting to go to the Knicks, really got to me.  Why?  Because there was absolutely zero legitimacy to any of the rumors.  Yet you had people like Nick Wright saying Kyrie and Jimmy Butler teaming up was “inevitable,” and oddsmakers putting the Knicks and Nets right behind Boston as the possible destinations Kyrie would go in 2019; it was all based on pure speculation.

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Where Will Jimmy Go?

Jimmy Butler.jpg
Credit: Zhong Zhi/Getty Images AsiaPac

Just when you think there should be no NBA drama, BAM, we have NBA drama.  In September, the NBA should be the equivalent to when you’re getting those last 15 minutes of sleep, soon ready for a day of work.  The streets are quiet, you can hear a pin drop, and within short order, the world will wake up around you.

Apparently Jimmy Butler did not get the memo, as he decided to hop in his car, drive 60 in a 35, sit on the horn of his car, and wake up the ENTIRE NBA.

And you know what, I could not be happier, because the NBA is at its best when there is maximum chaos, and Jimmy Butler just turned the chaos all the way up to 11! Continue reading “Where Will Jimmy Go?”

Next Step of The Process: GM Elton Brand

elton brand
Credit: Chris Szagola/AP

After a lengthy search for their next general manager, the Philadelphia 76ers have final made a decision, hiring… former (and current) 76er Elton Brand.

Brand the player finished his career on the court with Philadelphia in 2016.  After retiring, he transitioned to the front office of the 76ers as a player developmental consultant; after the 2016-2017 season, Brand was hired as the GM of the 76ers G-League affiliate, serving in that role for over one calendar year.

At 39, Brand will become one of the youngest GMs in the NBA.  The question everyone seems to be asking: is this coming too soon?  Well, lets explore. Continue reading “Next Step of The Process: GM Elton Brand”

New England Patriots Season Preview

Brady fog.jpg
Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America

So if you read my win-loss prediction piece (if you have not, take a quick peek), you will see that I think the Patriots season will end… well, it will end on the mountaintop.  But I just want to express some caution.  Yes, the GOAT is behind center, and Bill Belichick is still calling the shots… but this is a very weak team by Brady/Belichick standards, one that will face huge challenges.

Allow me to explain.

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Kyrie to Boston: One Year Later

Kyrie Irving.jpg
Credit: Tim Bradbury/Getty Images North America

It was over one year ago when Danny Ainge made a blockbuster trade that no one saw coming.  Yes, Kyrie Irving had been a trade candidate for roughly a month at this point, but the Celtics were not considered a top destination, and why would they have been?  Boston already boasted a star point guard who was coming off of a spectacular season; why give up the barn for Kyrie Irving when Isaiah Thomas does the same things?  The next week or so would tell us why (see: Isaiah Thomas’ hip).  Nevertheless, lets explore the ramifications of this trade, what we know, and what is still to come in how we view this trade.

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