Week 13 NFL Power Rankings


We’re back a bit earlier this week with NFL Power Rankings. I thought it would be better to get these in before Thanksgiving so it still felt like a genuine Week 13 type of thing. I now have more time to work on a project this weekend (and watch football), and you get my amazing rankings 3 days earlier than normal… a win-win.

There are some really, really good games over the next week, so as long as you don’t watch Bears-Lions, you should be fine! To those celebrating the holiday, have a happy Thanksgiving (and get ready for shopping on Friday)

Biggest rise: New York Jets (up 4 spots)

Biggest fall: Oakland Raiders (down 5 spots)

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Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

Welcome to Week 12!

I’ll be honest, there was not a whole lot of movement since we last met, but that was mainly due to the contests we saw. Nothing really moved the needle, and what you saw before is more or less the same… but there is one significant change…. I’ll let you find it.

Biggest rise: Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons (up 3 spots)

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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Wow, Week 10 was really, really good.

We might have saw the game of the year on Monday night (even if it was ugly at times), Lamar Jackson continued to dominate, and the Dolphins, Jets, Browns, AND Falcons won… oh yeah, and we had some football in the snow. Week 11 began with some unfortunate theatrics that will have repercussions on how this season ends.

These rankings were challenging for me. I had difficulty with the top teams, and I had difficulty with the sudden abundance of 5-4 teams. You might disagree with where I put everyone, but that’s the beauty of these rankings: they’re just my opinion!

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Who to Watch (November 15 – November 21)

Welcome back to Who to Watch!

What a week, huh?

Last night was saw the Browns win a huge game to keep their season alive… only for it to be overshadowed by the actions of Myles Garrett (reports say he won’t see the field until the 2020 season). The Houston Astros were reported to be orchestrating a massive sign-stealing operation, specifically during their World Series season in 2017; those involved could include Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran, now both managers in the MLB. In lighter baseball news, Mike Trout and Cody Bellinger were named MVPs, while Justin Verlander and Jacob de Grom were named Cy Youngs. Andrew Wiggins is playing like an actual star, and Paul George made his season debut last night. The Chiefs lost their 4th game of 2019, and the Raiders (yes, the Raider) are currently the second Wild Card team in the AFC. In the NFC, we saw the game of the season on Monday night as the Seahawks beat the 49ers at the buzzer in OT. There’s a lot going on, and a lot of fun stuff to be watching as a fan… here’s what we’re keeping our eyes on Continue reading “Who to Watch (November 15 – November 21)”