Red Sox Mid-Season Review

Bogarts celebrating
Credit: Matt West


Simply put, the Red Sox are doing fantastic.  At the All-Star break, Boston (68-30) has the best record in baseball… they are currently on pace for 112 wins.  Anything and everything you could have asked for out of this squad, they have delivered.

As the season began, I wrote about five players I believed would dictate the course of the season.  Now that we are at the mid-season point (not halfway, for those keeping track at home), I will go back and see how I did.

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Manny Machado to the Dodgers


The NL West leading Dodgers just got a whole lot better this year. The Dodgers traded five prospects, including Yusniel Diaz who is a highly touted prospect for possibly a one year rental in Manny Machado. Why would they trade a top prospect who would help in the future for an uncertainty like Machado?

Machado is going to be a deadly part of the Dodgers’ middle of the lineup. They’re already top 10 in a lot of offensive categories and are taking on Machado who’s having one of his best seasons with a .315 BA and 24 home runs, which would lead the Dodgers in both categories.

Currently, The Dodgers are 5th in the NL with 4.7 runs per game. If they want to get back to the World Series, they have to compete with The Cubs who lead the NL with 5.1, and The Braves with 4.8, who are 3rd. This move will bump the Dodgers numbers up and when they get Yasiel Puig back from injury their defense will be better. The only negative about this trade would be Machado’s defense at shortstop is bad but his bat should make up for what he lacks in skills at shortstop.

The Dodgers will be more of a complete team with a NL leading ERA of 3.49. They get a big bat and will hopefully be better in the infield. This Machado deal is a win for the Dodgers and will most likely be top 2 in the NL and will likely be competing for a World Series in late October.

Red Sox Have it Easy

chris sale

The Number 1 team in the American League’s road to the playoffs just got incredibly easy.

In their next 17 games, the opponent with the highest winning percentage are the 41-47 Blue Jays. The next highest are the 40-51 Tigers. Then the 39-51 Rangers. Then, the Tigers and so on and so forth. You get the Jackson Pollock picture I’m painting you. These loser teams they’re facing seems all to easy for them. No real test. Continue reading “Red Sox Have it Easy”

The Curious Case of Hanley Ramirez


Charles Krupa / AP

In all seriousness, what the fuck? Hanley was one of my favorite Red Sox these past couple years. Being forced to root for assholes like David Price, Jackie Bradley JR, Dustin Pedroia, and Steven Wright these couple years, sue me for liking the guy who’s been known for his lack of effort these last couple years. But when the Red Sox designated him for assignment, I was shocked to say the least. His numbers in 177 at bats up to that point were okay to say the least, better than that crap show of a center fielder JBJ.  Continue reading “The Curious Case of Hanley Ramirez”

Historic Blunders

jr smith

Dale Zanine, USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we’re all well aware of how the 4thquarter of Game 1 of the NBA Finals ended.  A missed free throw that could have given Cleveland the lead.  JR gets the rebound… and, well, decides to dribble away from civilization (and a shot at a win).  This historic mental blunder ate at the Cavaliers, and they proceeded to lose in overtime.

Even if JR went for the shot and missed it, it would have been the right basketball play.  Maybe the shock that his teammates (and the world) experienced does not occur if he makes that right play, and they are composed going into overtime. Nevertheless, we cannot rewrite history (or rewire JR’s brain).

Recency dominates our lives, and JR Smith will unfortunately dominate the news for the time being due to his mistake.  The last 5 seconds of regulation were a historic example of a team losing a game it had in its hands, but it is not the first (nor will it be the last) example of this occurring.

Here are some other examples of victory changing hands in the craziest of ways.

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