Isaiah to Denver


Last week, former Celtic Isaiah Thomas signed with the Denver Nuggets. Although IT was expecting a max contract, injuries, a trade, and numerous other factors over the past year culminated in Thomas having to sign for less than expected. Having finished 5th in MVP voting in 2017 averaging 28.9 PPG, one must ask themselves: how did he get to this point, and so fast? Continue reading “Isaiah to Denver”

Celtics First Rounder Robert Williams a No-Show at first Summer League Practice


Are you kidding me? How is this kid already screwing up? How can you be so talented yet so immature? The Celtics’ number 27 overall pick in this years NBA draft fucked up, again. The incident before this was missing a conference call the morning after he was drafted because he overslept. Literally the easiest thing to do and he messed that up. Couldn’t get worse right? WRONG. Continue reading “Celtics First Rounder Robert Williams a No-Show at first Summer League Practice”

NBA Offseason Predictions


As the NBA Finals wrapped up a few weeks ago, things remained the same: Golden State won (again), LeBron James lost (again), and questions about what’s next across the league arose (again).  Ever since this time last season, there have been rumblings about where LeBron James may play, and that he is most likely out the door. Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston… BOSTON!? Well, we’re getting close to decision time.  LeBron has until June 29  to decide if he would like to exercise his player option (worth $35.6 million) to play for the Cleveland Cavilers again, foregoing his free agency.  Unless a trade is on the table to a specific destination (a la Chris Paul last offseason), expect LeBron to hit the open market. Continue reading “NBA Offseason Predictions”

Historic Blunders

jr smith

Dale Zanine, USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we’re all well aware of how the 4thquarter of Game 1 of the NBA Finals ended.  A missed free throw that could have given Cleveland the lead.  JR gets the rebound… and, well, decides to dribble away from civilization (and a shot at a win).  This historic mental blunder ate at the Cavaliers, and they proceeded to lose in overtime.

Even if JR went for the shot and missed it, it would have been the right basketball play.  Maybe the shock that his teammates (and the world) experienced does not occur if he makes that right play, and they are composed going into overtime. Nevertheless, we cannot rewrite history (or rewire JR’s brain).

Recency dominates our lives, and JR Smith will unfortunately dominate the news for the time being due to his mistake.  The last 5 seconds of regulation were a historic example of a team losing a game it had in its hands, but it is not the first (nor will it be the last) example of this occurring.

Here are some other examples of victory changing hands in the craziest of ways.

Continue reading “Historic Blunders”