Week 11 Takeaways

Week 11 is over and we still have no idea who the best team in the league is. Is it the 9-1 Patriots and 49ers who have the best record, or is it the 8-2 Ravens who have absolutely smacked their opponents these past few weeks? I’m not sure. But what I do know is I still can’t buy into what the Vikings are trying to sell me. Also, I can’t write about this past week without mentioning Myles Garrett being an absolute dumbass.

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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Wow, Week 10 was really, really good.

We might have saw the game of the year on Monday night (even if it was ugly at times), Lamar Jackson continued to dominate, and the Dolphins, Jets, Browns, AND Falcons won… oh yeah, and we had some football in the snow. Week 11 began with some unfortunate theatrics that will have repercussions on how this season ends.

These rankings were challenging for me. I had difficulty with the top teams, and I had difficulty with the sudden abundance of 5-4 teams. You might disagree with where I put everyone, but that’s the beauty of these rankings: they’re just my opinion!

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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

Another week in November, another week closer to the playoffs.

Since we last met, home teams went on a huge run, with only the Dallas Cowboys winning on the road out of every game played on Sunday and Monday (and to start Week 10). For a season where road teams had been rather successful, it was a regression to the mean. Enough statistics, onto the football.

Biggest rise: Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Chargers (up 4 spots)

Biggest fall: Cleveland Browns (down 4 spots)

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Week 9 Takeaways (Special Edition)

I’m going to do this a little different this week. I usually focus on four different stories and give you insight on them. Instead, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the Patriots loss to the Ravens.


Because people seem to think every time the Patriots lose the dynasty is finally over… And they’ve been wrong every single time.

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Kitchens’ Nightmares

I understand talking about another person’s job so freely is a difficult subject. This is a person’s livelihood, a means of survival, and openly rooting for someone’s dismal on a whim is not fair. I do this with every belief that Freddie Kitchens is a good person, knowing he has been said to be a good coach countless times during his previous stops, and I would like nothing more to see him land another gig as an assistant… but for the sake of this piece, the relationship between he and the Browns does not seem ideal.

Lets just remember a breakup means one party loses a job…

If you’ve read my views on coaches in the past, I am very much in the camp where I believe if a GM hires a coach, they should get a chance to figure it out and develop, similar to a player.

Cleveland is becoming an exception.

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