Should The Steelers Pay Le’Veon Bell?


You’ve heard the news that Le’Veon Bell turned down a monstrous contract from the Steelers to gamble on himself in the upcoming 2018 NFL season. The offer was worth $70 million over the next five years. $33 million of that deal were guaranteed and to be mostly paid through the first two years per Ian Rapport of Over the 5 years of the contract, Bell would be paid $14 million a year, which would make him the highest paid running back in the NFL. But what does he want? Continue reading “Should The Steelers Pay Le’Veon Bell?”

Historic Blunders

jr smith

Dale Zanine, USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we’re all well aware of how the 4thquarter of Game 1 of the NBA Finals ended.  A missed free throw that could have given Cleveland the lead.  JR gets the rebound… and, well, decides to dribble away from civilization (and a shot at a win).  This historic mental blunder ate at the Cavaliers, and they proceeded to lose in overtime.

Even if JR went for the shot and missed it, it would have been the right basketball play.  Maybe the shock that his teammates (and the world) experienced does not occur if he makes that right play, and they are composed going into overtime. Nevertheless, we cannot rewrite history (or rewire JR’s brain).

Recency dominates our lives, and JR Smith will unfortunately dominate the news for the time being due to his mistake.  The last 5 seconds of regulation were a historic example of a team losing a game it had in its hands, but it is not the first (nor will it be the last) example of this occurring.

Here are some other examples of victory changing hands in the craziest of ways.

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