Part Two: Keeping Tom Brady

brady winning.jpg
Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Look at that face (not you Terry Bradshaw).  So pretty.  Oh, and what’s that? The Vince Lombardi Trophy.  Cool, cool.

As we know, when Jimmy Garoppolo was traded to San Francisco last October, it left the Patriots with one QB: Tom Brady.  At age 40, Brady was suddenly the present, and the future.  Jacoby Brissett was traded in September, and with Jimmy gone, there was no safety net, no succession plan.  Indefinitely, at an age so far along in the history of the sport, Brady had a clear hold as the starter.

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Part One: What-If Jimmy Stayed

Jimmy G
Credit: Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Look at that smile.  You have to give Bill credit: he picks some handsome gentlemen as quarterbacks.

Anyway, I want you to imagine this: the Patriots do not trade Jimmy Garoppolo last October.  Brady might be angry, but Kraft speaks to Tom beforehand (in October) and tells him the team would like to keep their options open for the future.  Brady will obviously be the starter to finish the season, but since Jimmy will be an FA in the offseason, the fact the team is keeping him, with the potential of losing him for nothing, shows the team will do what it takes to keep him (may it be a franchise tag or a new contract).

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Hypothetical Discussion: Brady or Garoppolo?

Brady Philly
Credit: Matt West

Over the next few days, I will be writing a two-part series about the following: should the Patriots have transitioned from Tom Brady to Jimmy Garoppolo?  I will construct a YES argument (meaning Garoppolo would not have been traded), and a NO argument (the current course).  Each argument will be released separately.

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What do These New Contracts Mean for Aaron Donald?

Rams defensive end Aaron Donald

Defensive End Aaron Donald must be pissed; and for good reason. His teammate Todd Gurley just got paid big time, making him the highest paid back in the NFL with a 4 year/$60 million contract extension. Oh did I forget to mention $45 million of that is guaranteed? Not even Forrest Gump in his prime would think to be paid that money. And as for Brandin Cooks? Well, this of all things is just the frosting on the cake. Continue reading “What do These New Contracts Mean for Aaron Donald?”