Dez Bryant to Saints : Hit or Miss?

Dez to the Saints makes a whole lotta sense. When your second and third leading receivers behind Michael Thomas (880 yards) are Kamara and Watson, you could always use help. The Saints have a good running game and a balanced offense that could cut you up for 35 point a game (their average) whenever they want. They’re second in the league in scoring, so what do they need Dez for? Continue reading “Dez Bryant to Saints : Hit or Miss?”

What we Learned Week 7

Week 7 comes to a close with the Giants and Falcons matchup no one wants to see. Not going to lie, this has been a decent week in terms of things we’ve learned. We got Blake Bortles looking like he just got his sister pregnant, the Dolphins being who they are (losers), and Justin Tucker finally looks like a normal kicker! Let’s take a look at what we learned! Continue reading “What we Learned Week 7”

How Lucky is Boston?

Credit: @RedSox (via Twitter)

As Andrew Benintendi roamed in left field to secure the final out of the American League Championship Series, the Red Sox cemented a World Series appearance for the 4th time in 15 seasons.

Imagine telling that to the faithful fans that had to watch Aaron Boone smack a home run off of Tim Wakefield in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS.

Imagine 15 years after that soul-crushing hit, where the Yankees looked poised to win their 5th championship in 8 seasons, that it would be the Red Sox – not the Yankees – with a chance to be the team of the century.

No one would have believed you… and well, that pretty much summarizes this crazy journey it has been being a Boston sports fan (not just a Red Sox fan) since the turn of the century.

Continue reading “How Lucky is Boston?”

Thursday Night Football Recap

NBC Sports Philadelphia

Typically you find Thursday Night Football to be a defensive battle between two pretty mediocre teams. Sometimes you get a great matchup with a nail biter, 63 yard field goal finish. Yesterday was none of those things.

The Eagles soared in to MetLife and completely stomped the now 1-5 Giants like everyone thought they would. Eli Manning continues to look terrible on the pass, and his O-line even worse. We can sit here all day wondering why Eli can’t air it out to arguably one of the most talented Wide receivers in Odell Beckham Jr. and to have a second option like Sterling Shepard but the bottom line is that Eli Manning’s time has come. He cannot move around in the pocket, he cannot extend the play, and he certainly cannot run the ball himself. Continue reading “Thursday Night Football Recap”