Which Boston Sports Team will be the First to win a Championship this Decade?

As most of you already know, Boston has been the hub of sports for the past two decades, winning 12 championships in the process. From the Patriots dynasty (still going), to the Red Sox randomness of great seasons, to the Bruins having two more shots at the Cup, and the Celtics still trying to get banner 18 for the first time since 2008, the city is certainly trying to add more. All four teams have a decent to really good chance at winning one or a few during this new decade, which begs the question, who’s most likely to hold a trophy first this decade?

I’ll be answering this by making a ranking from worst chance to best chance. Hope you’ll enjoy and let me know what you think of my list! Continue reading “Which Boston Sports Team will be the First to win a Championship this Decade?”

Mr. 300

Bill Belichick reached yet another amazing milestone this past Sunday as he won his 300th overall game as an NFL head coach. Belichick, in his 25th season as a head coach, became the third person in NFL history to win 300 games, joining Don Shula (347 overall wins) and George Halas (324 overall wins).

The fact Belichick has reached this point is a testament to the operation he has built in New England over the years. Continue reading “Mr. 300”

The Montreal X-Rays… of Tampa Bay?

The Tampa Bay Rays have gotten permission from the MLB to explore become a two-city franchise.

Why? Well, the owner, after failing to secure money for a new stadium, is strong-arming Tampa now. The team isn’t making enough revenue and are stuck on a shitty lease deal through 2027. So what’s the next best thing? Trying to move the team the hell out of Tampa!

Kind of.

Year after year, the Rays fall to the bottom five in average attendance per game. The last time they weren’t in the bottom five was in 2010 … when they were ninth from the bottom.

I understand, everything is about money the owners. The MLB is thriving in terms of money from companies putting up advertisements throughout MLB games. But what happens when the fans stop coming to the ballpark? When fans stop tuning into games due to the lack of star power? Aaron Judge and Mike Trout are more boring than watching paint dry. Teams like Tampa have nothing to make money (and they’re doing really good this year). Literally, name me four players for the Rays. I’ll wait. Continue reading “The Montreal X-Rays… of Tampa Bay?”

“They Should’ve Been a Dynasty” NHL Edition

Too often in its first-round series against Columbus, Lightning coach Jon Cooper and his Tampa Bay players found themselves trailing on the scoreboard and searching for answers. Really, they're still looking. The Blue Jackets swept the Lightning out of the playoffs. DIRK SHADD   |   Times
Coach Jon Cooper and his players reacting to yet another stunning loss against the Columbus Blue Jackets; Columbus swept Tampa in 4 games during the first round of the 2019 NHL Playoffs (Credit: Dirk Shadd/Tampa Bay Times)

In case you missed the first three parts of this series, click here for the NBA, here for the NFL, and here for the MLB

In this edition of “They Should’ve Been a Dynasty,” we explore recent NHL teams that should have won more than they ultimately did.

Remember the rules, I see as a dynasty: a team that has won at least three championships in a 10-year window. It can be a smaller window (i.e. a three-peat), but I think the simplest barometer is winning three championships within a certain window of time, showing that you were the best of your sport, and you showed it repeatedly.

Ranges of time are flexible depending on the eye of the reader, but this is how I view them. Continue reading ““They Should’ve Been a Dynasty” NHL Edition”