State of the Boston Bruins (and Hockey)

If you’ve paid attention to this website in the past, you’ll notice we don’t spend a lot of time talking about hockey.

Fredy and I just aren’t the biggest fans.

I’ll typically pay closer attention to the Bruins when the playoff starts, because the NHL playoffs tend to be chaotic, but otherwise I’m not super invested during the season. Hockey games are fun in-person, but again, I am just not knowledgeable about the sport to even talk about it in this forum the way I would basketball, football or baseball.

However, with hockey now back, I thought I’d lay out the playoff format this season (it’s insane), and where the Bruins currently stand. Continue reading “State of the Boston Bruins (and Hockey)”

Which Boston Sports Team will be the First to win a Championship this Decade?

As most of you already know, Boston has been the hub of sports for the past two decades, winning 12 championships in the process. From the Patriots dynasty (still going), to the Red Sox randomness of great seasons, to the Bruins having two more shots at the Cup, and the Celtics still trying to get banner 18 for the first time since 2008, the city is certainly trying to add more. All four teams have a decent to really good chance at winning one or a few during this new decade, which begs the question, who’s most likely to hold a trophy first this decade?

I’ll be answering this by making a ranking from worst chance to best chance. Hope you’ll enjoy and let me know what you think of my list! Continue reading “Which Boston Sports Team will be the First to win a Championship this Decade?”

Mr. 300

Bill Belichick reached yet another amazing milestone this past Sunday as he won his 300th overall game as an NFL head coach. Belichick, in his 25th season as a head coach, became the third person in NFL history to win 300 games, joining Don Shula (347 overall wins) and George Halas (324 overall wins).

The fact Belichick has reached this point is a testament to the operation he has built in New England over the years. Continue reading “Mr. 300”