Back to School?

As the NFL regular season has ended, teams whose seasons did not meet expectations have begun to fire their head coaches.

We already saw Washington and Carolina fire Jay Gruden and Ron Rivera during the season, and during the past 24 hours the Browns and Giants have fired Freddie Kitchens and Pat Shurmur. Continue reading “Back to School?”

Patriots to play in Wild Card for first time in a decade

The Patriots suffered a shocking and unexpected loss today against their division foes, the Miami Dolphins. The defeat moved the team to 12-4, and for the first time in 10 years, New England will be playing during the Wild Card Round.

This was not how today was supposed to go.

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Week 16 has come and gone! Only two more weeks until football completely consumes a man’s entire weekend and their girlfriend or significant other will be pissed! So get ready for that fight.

Anyways, we’ve learned quite a few things this pass weekend, from a team maybe finding their stride, to someone who is definitely getting fired, a good team getting eliminated from playoff contention, and the last spot in the AFC still being up for grabs! Continue reading “Takeaways”

NFL Head Coaching Tracker 2.0

If you remember last year, I ran a head coaching tracker, a page where fans could see daily updates about news regarding the various head coaching vacancies in the NFL. Last year saw 8 teams fire and subsequently replace their head coach. This year we have already seen two teams move on from their head coaches (Washington and Carolina), with a handful more likely to make changes.

What you’ll see now is me begin to set up what the coaching tracker will look like below, and I’ll list some names I think you’ll hear a lot about in the coming weeks; when interviews begin, this will change into a section to show you the coaches that are getting the most interviews.

Buckle up!

Note: I list someone as a candidate when another reporter does so officially, or an interview has been requested, scheduled, or taken place. Otherwise, any mentioning of a name (done so by at least one verified reporter) will mean that person is just linked to the job.

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Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

Welcome back to the penultimate edition of NFL Power Rankings for 2019! We’ve almost made it to the postseason!

Since we last met, 5 more teams clinched playoff births: New England, Buffalo, Green Bay, San Francisco, and Seattle.  There are now just 4 playoff tickets left to be punched, but 9 teams are still in contention (some more than others). As you’ve seen in recent weeks, teams position in their respective conference will be listed, but I’ve noted if a team has clinched a playoff sport (* = clinched) or has been eliminated. If you see neither, that means that team could still clinch a trip to the playoffs, but has yet to do so. Good? Good.

Biggest rise: Atlanta Falcons (up 6 spots)

Biggest fall: Oakland Raiders (down 6 spots)

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