Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

Welcome back to NFL Power Rankings

It’s been a long and chaotic season, but there are just 3 weeks to go. Two divisions have been clinched, and three playoff spots are secured, but there is still plenty to be decided, including 17 teams fighting for the remaining 9 postseason tickets. Some like the Patriots and Packers might have an easier path than the Broncos and Bears, but there is still a ton to play for. Count seeding for those teams already in the playoffs, and things get even more interesting. It should be a fun finish.

Biggest rise: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (up 5 spots)

Biggest fall: Carolina Panthers (down 7 spots) Continue reading “Week 15 NFL Power Rankings”

Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

Welcome back to power rankings!

I hope you enjoyed your holidays, and did not have to shovel all that snow! Week 13 had a ton of great games, and was one of my favorite Sundays in awhile. Week 14 will have more fun in store, and as the playoff race intensifies, each game means more and more. Buckle up!

Biggest rise: Denver Bronocs (up 5 spots)

Biggest fall: Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets (down 4 spots) Continue reading “Week 14 NFL Power Rankings”

What Adding Hayward Means

If you had told me prior to the beginning of the season that the Celtics would start 15-5, have a 10-game winning streak, and be a three games out of the top seed in the East, I would have thought you were insane.

Part of their success has been due to Gordon Hayward finding his old form, but he’s also been out for over 3 weeks… but he could be back soon.

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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings


We’re back a bit earlier this week with NFL Power Rankings. I thought it would be better to get these in before Thanksgiving so it still felt like a genuine Week 13 type of thing. I now have more time to work on a project this weekend (and watch football), and you get my amazing rankings 3 days earlier than normal… a win-win.

There are some really, really good games over the next week, so as long as you don’t watch Bears-Lions, you should be fine! To those celebrating the holiday, have a happy Thanksgiving (and get ready for shopping on Friday)

Biggest rise: New York Jets (up 4 spots)

Biggest fall: Oakland Raiders (down 5 spots)

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Week 12 Takeaways

It’s getting closer and closer. The NFL playoffs are a little over a month away and I can’t wait! Its up for grabs with no one team being years ahead of others and bubble teams with decent shots at making noise, while some are seeing their hopes of making the playoffs wash away. Not only that, but we have a potential Super Bowl preview coming up that’ll make anyone feel the need to watch.

And one more thing, do we freak out when other QB’s from around the league have bad games? Because we do when Tom Brady has them.

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