808s and Ankle Breaks: Episode 29

Jonathan Kermah and Trevor Wilson discuss J.I.D’s “DiCaprio 2” (9:01), 6ix9ine and the current state of Soundcloud rap (26:25), and homophobia in sports (39:36).


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Homophobia in Sports

Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

Well, that escalated quickly.

On Saturday night, NBA Twitter and the LGBTQ+ community were put into a frenzy in response to a plethora of accusations aimed at Washington Wizards center Dwight Howard. While I don’t want to give too much attention to these accusations, due to a lack of evidence proving these claims true, the key points were focused on Howard’s alleged sexual preference and his alleged threats made in response to him being possibly outed. Continue reading “Homophobia in Sports”

Biggest Surprises 1/4 into the NBA Season

Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports

Listen, 1/4 of the season is where all the hot takes come to thrive! Whether it’s the Warriors are nothing right now and the NBA is more wide open than ever, or the fact that the Celtics are a glorified 4th seed. Whether the hot takes are lukewarm or scorching hot, I want them in my veins.

I love overreactions from the local networks like when NBC Sports Boston called Boston “Loserville,” completely forgetting the recent success all Boston teams have had. But fuck it, let’s get national (sorta) on these bitches and explore the different surprises around the league! Continue reading “Biggest Surprises 1/4 into the NBA Season”

Snap Back to Reality

Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

If you noticed it under a flurry of penalty flags, the New England Patriots beat the New York Jets yesterday, moving to 8-3 on the season.

Sometimes there’s small moments that occur in a game that end up making or breaking an entire season, a moment where a team either finds its way, or completely loses it.  It may end up being inconsequential, but to me, the Patriots found themselves yesterday.

Continue reading “Snap Back to Reality”

What We Learned Week 11

Via USA Today

Hello people and welcome to another addition of What We Learned!

Already Week 11 and I’m swimming in school, work, pressure… but whatever! No excuses baby and that’s what it’s all about. From the best game ever, to the Colts getting their groove back after a few years. The Eagles officially blow, and the unfortunate Alex Smith injury, let’s jump into it! Continue reading “What We Learned Week 11”

Bradley Beal on the Trading Block?

Via SportingNews

With one of the best backcourt duos in the league, the Wizards are somehow 5-11. The John Wall and Bradley duo doesn’t seem to be working out. With both on the trading spot, I’m more interested in where Bradley could go, more then where Wall could go. It’s a real possibility and will give a certain contender a great scoring option. Continue reading “Bradley Beal on the Trading Block?”