My Favorite Player is: Steph Curry

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First of all, I’m not a bandwagon Warriors fan; check the receipts if you want. The 2012-13 NBA season I started to like the Golden State Warriors. Growing up with diabetes wearing an insulin pump was part of my daily life. Since my insulin pump was fragile I had to be very careful playing basketball. I ended up learning to shoot a basketball very well from the 3 point line. The Golden State Warriors have demonstrated that they do that very well. Continue reading “My Favorite Player is: Steph Curry”

My Favorite Player is: Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown
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I have never had a consistent favorite player.  If you asked me when I was really little, I’d say Curt Schilling (I thought the bloody sock was cool).  I never really appreciated Tom Brady until the past 4 years (Deflategate put things into perspective).  I’ve always loved Ortiz, he is a close second on this list.  Paul Pierce was clutch, Gronk is cool, Tim Thomas carried the Bruins to a Stanley Cup… but overall, today, I would say my favorite player is Jaylen Brown.

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“My Favorite Player is _________”

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Starting next week, the Hold My Drink Sports crew will be partaking in a series about our favorite players.  As we’ve said from the start, we are all fans.  We love sports, and part of that is wanting to talk about what we see.  But we think it would be cool if you saw who we like the the most, and how that makes us the fans we are today.

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Should the Celtics Retire Kevin Garnett’s number?

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During the 21 seasons Kevin Garnett was in the NBA, two-thirds of his career took place in Minnesota.  Garnett’s career with the Timberwolves began in 1995, at the age of 19, when he was selected out of high school with the 5th pick in the 1995 NBA Draft.  It was Garnett, the uber-talented but extremely raw prospect, that began the trend of selecting high school players yet again (a practice that took place in the NBA until 2006).  Continue reading “Should the Celtics Retire Kevin Garnett’s number?”

Red Sox Sweep Yanks

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So I’ll admit, I was wrong about this team. The Red Sox are the best team in baseball and I will now recognize it. For awhile, I felt like it was just the Astros who were the big shots in baseball with only them as the guys not to mess with. But after the Red Sox beat a 3rd place AL team/rival into a pulp over the weekend in a 4 game series, I’m glad I’m wrong. Continue reading “Red Sox Sweep Yanks”

NBA Insider Thinks LeBron’s Lakers Won’t Make Playoffs


So the picture above speaks for itself. Look at the pile of crap I’ve displayed in front of you. If you as an NBA fan see nothing wrong, you deserve a round house from Patrick Swayze (see Family Guy for Road House reference). I think Skip Bayless would have a better prediction than this Kevin Pelton fellow.

Eastern Conference

Year after year the Raptors finish first in the regular season and then finish with an embarrassing playoff exit, and I expect more or less of the same. But with Kawhi, it could be more different depending whether or not his crazy uncle allows it. Hopefully Lowry will play better and the Raptors thrive in their one year with Kawhi before he leaves for Los Angeles.

I honestly don’t mind the Eastern side of the playoff predictions because the Celtics will want to stay well rested in the regular season. The Popovich system if you will. But I do think the Pistons will finish better than 8th. With Blake Griffin for a full season, Dwane Casey as the head coach, and Andre Drummond looking to prove himself as one of the best centers in the league, the Pistons should be at least 6th, maybe 7th. The Wizards are a team with talent who can’t seem to put it together so seeds four, five, and six are up for grabs at this point.

Overall, the first round will be atrocious in the East and theres no way around it. We’ll suffer but the later rounds, the elite stars will carry the playoffs through May and June.

Western Conference

The Warriors can go 1st or 2nd, I could care less because they’re going to at least the conference finals, where they’ll face the Rockets. Speaking of the Rockets, why are they 3rd? James Harden, Chris Paul, Clint Capela, and the walking corpes of Carmelo Anthony are looking to prove that they can go head to head with the Warriors and be number 1 or 2 in the conference. But number 3? Behind the Jazz? Nah.

The fact of the matter is, the Rockets beat the Jazz 4-1 in that series. The Rockets are better and with Harden and Paul leading the way, Donovan Mitchell won’t be able to overcome it. His Jazz won’t be in the top 3, maybe top 4 but if OKC gets there shit together, they’ll be in the bottom of the playoff seeding. Enough about that though. I want to address the purple and gold elephant in the room.

LeBron James’s Lakers aren’t in the prediction at all. They say it’s because of the losses of Julius Randle and Brook Lopez that the team is still the same, even with LeBron. The same LeBron that carried shitty team after shitty team to the finals, putting 100% on the court just to make it there, defeating teams built to defeat him. Yes he’s getting up their in age, but with young talent on the team that has a great veteran presence like LeBron to steer the ship in the right direction, theres no doubt that the Lakers will make the playoffs, over the Pelicans or Timberwolves, assuming the Wolves trade Butler instead of losing him and KAT crapping his pants not knowing how to carry a team, and his coach playing everyone 48 minutes a night, causing an injury.

I understand all ESPN cares about is views and people talking about them. But doing things for shock value is just ruining credibility. Laying off employees because you can’t seem to make money like you used to sucks. But doing stupid stunts like these only hurts the company, making people realize its not the same as it once was. Come on ESPN, what’re we doing here?