Atlanta Hawks Lowering Concession Stand Prices Should Inspire Other Teams


Let me give credit where credit is due. I give Atlanta a lot of shit on my podcast. I call them the butthole of the United States. Atlanta has the worst basketball fans and their teams lose every big game they’re in. But this story I read the other day touched my heart. Continue reading “Atlanta Hawks Lowering Concession Stand Prices Should Inspire Other Teams”

Las Vegas Should Get an NBA Team


The NHL looked to have the right idea when they made an expansion team in Las Vegas. The Vegas Golden Knights destroyed any expectations of what an expansion team is supposed to be in their first season. Instead of losing, they made it to the Stanley Cup Finals where they unfortunately lost 4-1. Raiders owner Mark Davis looks to move his “beloved” Oakland Raiders to Vegas as well. So, why not either move a team to Vegas, or create an expansion team? Continue reading “Las Vegas Should Get an NBA Team”

Part Two: Keeping Tom Brady

brady winning.jpg
Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Look at that face (not you Terry Bradshaw).  So pretty.  Oh, and what’s that? The Vince Lombardi Trophy.  Cool, cool.

As we know, when Jimmy Garoppolo was traded to San Francisco last October, it left the Patriots with one QB: Tom Brady.  At age 40, Brady was suddenly the present, and the future.  Jacoby Brissett was traded in September, and with Jimmy gone, there was no safety net, no succession plan.  Indefinitely, at an age so far along in the history of the sport, Brady had a clear hold as the starter.

Continue reading “Part Two: Keeping Tom Brady”