What do These New Contracts Mean for Aaron Donald?

Rams defensive end Aaron Donald

Defensive End Aaron Donald must be pissed; and for good reason. His teammate Todd Gurley just got paid big time, making him the highest paid back in the NFL with a 4 year/$60 million contract extension. Oh did I forget to mention $45 million of that is guaranteed? Not even Forrest Gump in his prime would think to be paid that money. And as for Brandin Cooks? Well, this of all things is just the frosting on the cake. Continue reading “What do These New Contracts Mean for Aaron Donald?”

DeMar DeRozan Interview with ESPN

Via ClutchPoints

This week, Chris Haynes sat down with former Toronto Raptor and now San Antonio Spur DeMar DeRozan. To say the least, he’s still shocked about the trade. I understand though. He got traded by a team he’s given his blood, sweat, and tears to for 9 years straight. He didn’t want to be a Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, or a Chris Bosh and leave the city of Toronto. But in this day in age where no player is loyal, or organization, things will happen quick in order to move on in hopes of winning a championship. Continue reading “DeMar DeRozan Interview with ESPN”

The Red Sox Lose Out on Another Reliever

Last Night, the Red Sox lost their last chance to add an elite relief pitcher to help improve their bullpen of gutless bums. To add to the pain, they lost to a hopeless Orioles team that has nothing to live for. Britton went to the Yankees for almost a steal. What the hell Sox? What are we doing here? Continue reading “The Red Sox Lose Out on Another Reliever”

Tobias Harris Turns Down Contract Extension from Clippers


Tobias Harris was just offered an $80 million contract extension from the Clippers per David Aldridge of NBA.com. That’s all fine and dandy, he wants to try the market next year. Hell, he even had a career year! But whats stupid is this poor bastard thinks he’s worth a 5 year/$188 million max from the Clippers, or him leaving to somewhere else he could be eligible for a 4 year/$145.5 million elsewhere. HA! Continue reading “Tobias Harris Turns Down Contract Extension from Clippers”

Hold My Drink Sports Episode 10!


On this episode we discuss the Kawhi trade and what it means, how we would fix every sport’s all-star games, and we talk about this year’s World Cup and what it meant to the popularity of the sport, and we get into the World Cup coming to the US! Also, the return of the Kitties Titties!

Patriots Should Learn from Celtics Dealings with Smart


Rob Gronkowski didn’t show up to OTA’s, granted it was awhile ago, but still, when your head coach preaches a certain of doing things, you should probably be doing them. The Patriot Way is something that’s been shoved down our throats for the past couple years but now with Brady and Gronk not going to OTA’s, there’s obviously something wrong in the dynasty. I’m not here today to talk about Brady because that situation is too complicated and I don’t have the patience to research that stuff. But I’m here to tell you the obvious, pay Gronk and show some appreciation to the best tight end in the league. Continue reading “Patriots Should Learn from Celtics Dealings with Smart”