Isaiah to Denver


Last week, former Celtic Isaiah Thomas signed with the Denver Nuggets. Although IT was expecting a max contract, injuries, a trade, and numerous other factors over the past year culminated in Thomas having to sign for less than expected. Having finished 5th in MVP voting in 2017 averaging 28.9 PPG, one must ask themselves: how did he get to this point, and so fast? Continue reading “Isaiah to Denver”

New Series: The Unscripted Podcast!


Hello everyone! Welcome to a brand new series I like to call Unscripted! Theres no set topics we talk about. My friend Ben and I just feed off one another and talk about random shit! I realize that we have a lot of podcasts on here but each one of these podcasts have a lot of effort and thought into them so please enjoy!

Red Sox Have it Easy

chris sale

The Number 1 team in the American League’s road to the playoffs just got incredibly easy.

In their next 17 games, the opponent with the highest winning percentage are the 41-47 Blue Jays. The next highest are the 40-51 Tigers. Then the 39-51 Rangers. Then, the Tigers and so on and so forth. You get the Jackson Pollock picture I’m painting you. These loser teams they’re facing seems all to easy for them. No real test. Continue reading “Red Sox Have it Easy”