State of the Boston Bruins (and Hockey)

If you’ve paid attention to this website in the past, you’ll notice we don’t spend a lot of time talking about hockey.

Fredy and I just aren’t the biggest fans.

I’ll typically pay closer attention to the Bruins when the playoff starts, because the NHL playoffs tend to be chaotic, but otherwise I’m not super invested during the season. Hockey games are fun in-person, but again, I am just not knowledgeable about the sport to even talk about it in this forum the way I would basketball, football or baseball.

However, with hockey now back, I thought I’d lay out the playoff format this season (it’s insane), and where the Bruins currently stand. Continue reading “State of the Boston Bruins (and Hockey)”

State of the New England Patriots

For the NFL, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been different than the other major sports leagues in the country. The preseason has been cancelled, mini camps as well as voluntary workouts were not able to take place, but the league did not have to pause or reduce their regular season… yet.

The league had the benefit of time, yet it seems inevitable their plans (or lack thereof) for this season will be flawed.

No bubble. Teams travelling across the country for games as if things are normal, and possibly fans in stadiums…

As we have seen this year in life, and in sports with baseball, we are in a fluid situation where there needs to be flexibility and an understanding things are not normal.

Continue reading “State of the New England Patriots”

State of the Boston Red Sox

Baseball was the first professional sport to return in an official capacity in the United States just two weeks ago, and it’s been a whirlwind.

The Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals have had several members of their organization test positive for COVID-19, which has led to the teams missing games.  This has had a ripple effect, as St. Louis had to postpone their series against the Milwaukee Brewers last weekend, while the Marlins were not able to play the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals last week. The Phildelphia Phillies missed a week due to playing Miami to start the season, while the Yankees had to re-adjust their schedule. Continue reading “State of the Boston Red Sox”