Week 11 Takeaways

Week 11 is over and we still have no idea who the best team in the league is. Is it the 9-1 Patriots and 49ers who have the best record, or is it the 8-2 Ravens who have absolutely smacked their opponents these past few weeks? I’m not sure. But what I do know is I still can’t buy into what the Vikings are trying to sell me. Also, I can’t write about this past week without mentioning Myles Garrett being an absolute dumbass.

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The Curious Case of Carson Wentz

I’ve seemed to notice there’s some conflicting views regarding Carson Wentz, which is very interesting to me.

In 2017, he was arguably on his way to becoming the NFL MVP before suffering an injury against the Los Angeles Rams. In his place, Nick Foles led the Eagles to a Super Bowl, but it was Wentz who brought them to an 11-2 record.

Wentz finished his season with 3296 passing yards (253.5 per game), 33 TDs and 7 INTs. He had a passer rating of 101.9, and the best QBR of any QB in the NFL; sounds good to me.

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Divisional Round Predictions

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Credit: AP

You thought you got rid of us! As Lee Corso once said: not so fast!

Fredy and I are back to make our divisional round picks.  Now don’t worry, you can find our original picks for the entire playoffs here (congrats to Fredy for going 2-2), and feel free to hold us accountable to those once the playoffs are over.

However, we asked the people if they wanted us to make picks for the divisional round….

And 13 of you said yes! I’m guessing Kerm and his burner account were the two no votes, but haters gonna hate; Fredy and I are here to give the people what they REALLY want!

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NFL Playoff Predictions

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Credit: via FTW – USA Today

With the playoffs starting this weekend, Fredy and I will be making our predictions on how we think the playoffs will pan out.  Feel free to come back to this page and question our football knowledge in a few weeks!

Here we go

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