Early Season Thoughts

Hello football fans!

The NFL is back, and… I’m still getting used to it as a fan.

Maybe it’s because there’s still basketball on, or the fact there wasn’t a preseason, but it doesn’t feel right yet… hey, it’s better than nothing.

I’ll begin to write more about the league in the coming weeks, and expect to see my world famous power rankings return very soon!

I also might do a weekly edition of thoughts/takeaways (similar to what Fredy has done in the past) too.

Anyway, here’s how I’ve felt about the season so far…

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Which Boston Sports Team will be the First to win a Championship this Decade?

As most of you already know, Boston has been the hub of sports for the past two decades, winning 12 championships in the process. From the Patriots dynasty (still going), to the Red Sox randomness of great seasons, to the Bruins having two more shots at the Cup, and the Celtics still trying to get banner 18 for the first time since 2008, the city is certainly trying to add more. All four teams have a decent to really good chance at winning one or a few during this new decade, which begs the question, who’s most likely to hold a trophy first this decade?

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