Arthur Smith to Atlanta

Arthur Smith was perhaps the most sought after head coaching candidate the past few weeks, receiving interest from every team with an opening. This meant he had options, and after the Jaguars and Jets made their decision, he made his: the Atlanta Falcons.

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Onto 2021: NFL Head Coaching Candidates

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know the past two years I’ve ran an NFL head coaching tracker, my way of guessing who will coach where, and tracking the process.

I have not correctly guessed what team will hire which candidate once (0 for 13 for those at home), but maybe a third offseason at it is the charm.

This is not the beginning of the tracker; consider it a prelude.

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Chicago Bulls Fire Jim Boylen

The Chicago Bulls have parted ways with head coach Jim Boylen.

Boylen, 55, gained a reputation during his time as the Bulls head coach as being… crazy. Very early on in his tenure his players almost formed a mutiny against him due to what they deemed as unnecessarily challenging practices and questionable coaching decisions. Continued losing didn’t help either.

It was a shock he was retained after last season, as he has replaced Fred Hoiberg during the year after the Bulls got off to an awful start. He finishes his time in Chicago with a record of 39-84.

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NFL Head Coaching Tracker 2.0

If you remember last year, I ran a head coaching tracker, a page where fans could see daily updates about news regarding the various head coaching vacancies in the NFL. Last year saw 8 teams fire and subsequently replace their head coach. This year we have already seen two teams move on from their head coaches (Washington and Carolina), with a handful more likely to make changes.

What you’ll see now is me begin to set up what the coaching tracker will look like below, and I’ll list some names I think you’ll hear a lot about in the coming weeks; when interviews begin, this will change into a section to show you the coaches that are getting the most interviews.

Buckle up!

Note: I list someone as a candidate when another reporter does so officially, or an interview has been requested, scheduled, or taken place. Otherwise, any mentioning of a name (done so by at least one verified reporter) will mean that person is just linked to the job.

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