Why Comparing Flacco and Keenum is like Comparing Oranges and Grapes

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Baltimore Ravens
Case Keenum (left) and Joe Flacco (right) have been said to be more of the same, and that there was no reason for Denver to trade for Flacco when they already had Case (Credit: NBCSports.com)

Let me start this off by saying I am not that big of a Flacco guy. However, when he does have a good game or good moments, I laugh hard at football analysts trying to figure out if he’s actually good because the answer to that is… there is no fucking answer! (He’s elite if you ask me while I’m under the influence).

Flacco is a Super Bowl champion with one of the better playoff runs in recent memory. Case Keenum? A bum who couldn’t win in Minnesota and got throttled by Philly, even though he had Diggs and Theilen. In Denver, he had better weapons than Flacco has had the past few years, so why is there an argument saying the two QBs are the same? I can’t get enough Flacco talk so let’s get into the obvious differences! Continue reading “Why Comparing Flacco and Keenum is like Comparing Oranges and Grapes”

The Greatest Dynasty of All-Time

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Tom Brady (#12) and Julian Edelman (#11) celebrating winning Super Bowl LIII (Credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times)

The New England Patriots have now won 6 Super Bowls since 2001.

Simple, concise, a model of success.  In the NFL, there is no other parallel, and if you look closely, although the other four major sports have some worthy challengers, this run takes the cake.

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Who to Watch (February 1 – February 7)

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Credit: NESN

Welcome to February folks! It’s that time again, and we’re back and better than ever.  Sorry for the delay, but we did not want to overwhelm everyone with tons of basketball players, so we decided to push things back a week.

Anyway, last week we saw Anthony Davis blow up the NBA, James Harden continue his monster scoring stretch, Bradley Beal continue to play well, and the Warriors… win.  Unfortunately, since we last met, Victor Oladipo suffered a season-ending injury (our thoughts go out to him), and the Pacers have thus lost three games in a row.  Going to football, we are just two days away from Super Bowl LIII, as the Los Angeles Rams face off against the New England Patriots, with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick looking for their 6th ring since 2001.

Alright, lets rock and roll

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