NFL Head Coach Rankings

As the NFL season is about to begin, consider this a state of coaching in the NFL.

I went through all the head coaches in the league, and ranked them.

As you’ll quickly see, there’s a gap at the top, and some would consider a brain drain compared to years past.

Is the person at the top to blame, or are there just not a lot of great coaches anymore?

You be the judge. Continue reading “NFL Head Coach Rankings”

What’s up with Antonio Brown?

From afar, following Antonio Brown has been a rollercoaster.

After a falling out with the Pittsburgh Steelers at the end of 2018, the team attempted to trade the disgruntled WR.

At first he was traded to Buffalo… only to come out and call it fake news, threatening to retire if the deal went through. He was eventually traded to the Oakland Raiders, and also agreed to a new deal which would pay him $50 million over the next 3 seasons, with roughly $30 million guaranteed.

But will Brown ever play for the Raiders? Continue reading “What’s up with Antonio Brown?”