Patriots teams that made the Super Bowl

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The greatest player-coach partnership in professional sports has been at the center of the greatest dynasty we have ever seen (Credit: Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports)

Okay, you might not remember, but back in the winter, I did a rankings of the Patriots teams since 2001 that did NOT make the Super Bowl.

It was a week prior to Super Bowl LIII, and I wanted to show just how great the team has been since this dynasty began. For what are considered the bottom half of Patriot teams, there were some goodies.

Anyway, this will be the creme de la creme, the 9 Patriots teams that have made the Super Bowl since 2001. These teams have a combined record of 118-26 (.819), good for an average of over 13 wins per season. 6 Super Bowl champions, a perfect regular season, 2 MVP seasons… lots of good football.

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Top 10 Patriots Games Since 2014 (Games 10 through 6)

Football season is around the corner, and I’m beginning to get a little antsy.

As a Patriots fan, I’ve been spoiled with an amazing team my entire life, and a bunch of great games.

The second wave of the Patriot dynasty took off in 2014, as the team won their 4th Super Bowl since 2001.

Plenty of amazing games have been played the past 5 seasons, and I wanted to share my top 10.

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Patriots Draft Picks since 2009

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Rob Gronkoswki (2nd round, 2010) and Julian Edelman (7th round, 2009) are two of the Patriots most successful players drafted over the last decade (Credit: Elsa/Getty Images)

With the NFL Draft less than 6 weeks away, I decided to do an exercise with the Patriots success in the draft (by round) since 2009.

Why 2009? There are only 4 players drafted prior to that year who contributed to the most recent run of championships in any way (Brady in 2000, Wilfork in 2005, Gostkowski in 2006, Slater in 2008).  The team’s past 10 drafts should serve to highlight how part of the roster has been built, and where the impact players have been found.

This is going off of a hunch that the Patriots have had more success in the mid-to-late rounds finding talent than the first two rounds; lets see if that is a fair assessment.

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Who to Watch (March 15 – March 21)

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Antonio Brown was finally traded, landing in Oakland with the Raiders on Saturday night; the Steelers received picks in the 3rd and 5th rounds respectively in return for Brown (Credit: AP)

Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back! What a week, huh!? This week things are a bit in the form of a recap of the frenzy of moves in the NFL, as well as some basketball.  Who changed teams you ask? Nick Foles, Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., Earl Thomas, Tyrann Mathieu, Trey Flowers, Trent Brown, Olivier Vernon, Golden Tate, Mark Ingram, and many more. It’s okay, because when all of that was happening, Bill Belichick was on vacation without a care in the world, because that’s what winners do.  In other news, we hear more and more about the Lakers each day that paints them in a much worse light (LeBron TRADE RUMORS!?); the Rockets winning streak came to an end against the Warriors; Steve Kerr was caught ripping Draymond Green; Serge Ibaka decided to try to assault a Cleveland Cavalier; Buddy Hield decided to be Klay Thompson, only for Jaylen Brown to clap back and do the same thing in the same quarter (more on that later).

We’ve said enough, now to your preview for this upcoming week!

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Team Building is an Art

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Building a perennial winner is not easy, yet Bill Belichick has made it look like child’s play (Credit: Getty Images)

With free agency signings popping up left and right, we have officially entered the true madness of the NFL offseason.  I am a big fan of any sports offseason, and between now and through the draft in late April, we will see how the 32 teams in the NFL go about building their rosters in the hopes of success in 2019.

As is the case on the field, there is one team that is the best at building a roster, and knows how to set itself up for sustained success by making the right moves, and knowing how to show restraint; that team of course, is the New England Patriots.

The news we’ve heard from the Patriots thus far this offseason has more to do with the players that are leaving than joining the Super Bowl champions, but that’s not necessarily bad news. Sure, Trey Flowers and Trent Brown are talented players and deserved to be paid, but committing between $31.5 million and $32.5 million in AAV respectively to those two would have meant they’d be committing roughly 1/6 of their salary cap to Flowers and Brown; that’s not the Patriot Way. Continue reading “Team Building is an Art”