Ranking NBA First Round Playoff Matchups

The playoffs are here! In a season unlike any other, the postseason will begin in the middle of August, but I’m sure every NBA fan will tell you this is perfectly fine given the circumstances.

With that, Fredy and I thought it would be fun to rank the first round matchups. In addition to the games we’ll be keeping the closest eye on, we’ll give you our series predictions. Continue reading “Ranking NBA First Round Playoff Matchups”

State of the Boston Bruins (and Hockey)

If you’ve paid attention to this website in the past, you’ll notice we don’t spend a lot of time talking about hockey.

Fredy and I just aren’t the biggest fans.

I’ll typically pay closer attention to the Bruins when the playoff starts, because the NHL playoffs tend to be chaotic, but otherwise I’m not super invested during the season. Hockey games are fun in-person, but again, I am just not knowledgeable about the sport to even talk about it in this forum the way I would basketball, football or baseball.

However, with hockey now back, I thought I’d lay out the playoff format this season (it’s insane), and where the Bruins currently stand. Continue reading “State of the Boston Bruins (and Hockey)”

Divisional Round Predictions

Welcome to the divisional round!

Fredy and I will take another attempt at picking the playoff games slated for this weekend. Fredy went 2-2 last week, as opposed to me… I don’t want to talk about it (fine, I was 0-4, stop laughing). Hopefully things go better.

This will be the first divisional round in the AFC not to feature Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady since 2002. We’ll get to see the future of the position in full swing, as Patrick Mahomes (24), Deshaun Watson (24), and Lamar Jackson (23) will each be playing. In the NFC, Jimmy Garoppolo will be making his first playoff start, and Kirk Cousins will be appearing in the divisional round for the first time. Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers are the old-heads of the group, as each has won a Super Bowl as a starting QB.

It should be a lot of fun, possibly the first of many times we see these QBs and teams during this time of year. Enjoy!

Continue reading “Divisional Round Predictions”

What Wild Card Weekend Tells us About the Divisional Round

Wild Card weekend was one for the ages. I went two for four with my picks. As for Nick… pray for this man (zero for four).

All jokes aside, this was one of the more unpredictable NFL weekends in quite awhile.

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Wild Card Predictions

Welcome to the playoffs!

The NFL season was a lot of fun, but now the playing field is down to 12 teams, and this is where it gets really good. We’ll see the defending Super Bowl champions and a 2018 NFC runner up, as well as three teams who made the postseason in 2017 but missed them last season. QBs young and old, defenses elite and porous, and a lot of compelling storylines.

Can the Patriots win again? Can Drew Brees and the Saints climb to their second Super Bowl? Can the Titans upset the Patriots? How will Carson Wentz fare in his first postseason start?

It should be good stuff, and Fredy and Nick make some predictions! Continue reading “Wild Card Predictions”