Top 10 Patriots Games Since 2014 (Games 10 through 6)

Football season is around the corner, and I’m beginning to get a little antsy.

As a Patriots fan, I’ve been spoiled with an amazing team my entire life, and a bunch of great games.

The second wave of the Patriot dynasty took off in 2014, as the team won their 4th Super Bowl since 2001.

Plenty of amazing games have been played the past 5 seasons, and I wanted to share my top 10.

Here are games 10 through 6 (games 5 through 1 will drop tomorrow). Continue reading “Top 10 Patriots Games Since 2014 (Games 10 through 6)”

Top 10 NBA Duos

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The former OKC teammates will play together for Houston next season, forming yet another powerful duo (Credit: USA TODAY Sports)

In a whirlwind offseason, the superteams we have become accustomed to seemed to have vanished.

At this time, either directly or indirectly, there seems to be a new path to roster construction.

Powerful duos are all the rage. Continue reading “Top 10 NBA Duos”

The Cost of Player Movement

Over the past few days we saw an end to Russell Westbrook’s career in Oklahoma City.

For a few days, he technically held the title as the longest tenured active player to be with one team their entire career (unless you count Udonis Haslem, who has been with the Heat since 2003, but is not under not under contract and is contemplating retirement).

This is a far cry from what we had become accustomed to with the previous generation of NBA stars. Continue reading “The Cost of Player Movement”

A Reunion in Houston

For three seasons, Russell Westbrook and James Harden were teammates in Oklahoma City.

They grew together, had lots of team success, and made it to the NBA Finals in 2012.

However, after not being able to come to terms on a new contract, James Harden was traded to Houston, where he has become the face of the franchise and one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history.

In their time apart, each has won an MVP, and has gotten to the Western Conference Finals twice, and each made it to Game 7 one time (each time losing to the Golden State Warriors).

Neither was able to return to the NBA Finals.

Almost 7 years later, Harden and Westbrook are teammates again, as Westbook was traded to Houston for Chris Paul and a bounty of draft picks.

What does it all mean?

Well, let me tell you. Continue reading “A Reunion in Houston”

5 trade ideas… just because

I’m starting to have some fun with the ESPN NBA Trade Machine.

The NBA season is 365 days, and even when rosters seem set after the chaos of free agency, something is always lurking.

Look no further to when Kyrie Irving was traded to Boston towards the end of August in 2017. Now that was closer to training camp than free agency, and by that point you typically only see minor changes for teams.. but when Kyrie Irving asks for a trade, and is available, you adjust.

Anyway, we’ve already heard names available such as Russell Westbrook, and others that could be if the right offer comes around, like Bradley Beal.

Here are some trade ideas that could arise. Continue reading “5 trade ideas… just because”