Snap Back to Reality

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If you noticed it under a flurry of penalty flags, the New England Patriots beat the New York Jets yesterday, moving to 8-3 on the season.

Sometimes there’s small moments that occur in a game that end up making or breaking an entire season, a moment where a team either finds its way, or completely loses it.  It may end up being inconsequential, but to me, the Patriots found themselves yesterday.

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What We Learned Week 11

Via USA Today

Hello people and welcome to another addition of What We Learned!

Already Week 11 and I’m swimming in school, work, pressure… but whatever! No excuses baby and that’s what it’s all about. From the best game ever, to the Colts getting their groove back after a few years. The Eagles officially blow, and the unfortunate Alex Smith injury, let’s jump into it! Continue reading “What We Learned Week 11”

Bradley Beal on the Trading Block?

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With one of the best backcourt duos in the league, the Wizards are somehow 5-11. The John Wall and Bradley duo doesn’t seem to be working out. With both on the trading spot, I’m more interested in where Bradley could go, more then where Wall could go. It’s a real possibility and will give a certain contender a great scoring option. Continue reading “Bradley Beal on the Trading Block?”

Who to Watch (November 16 – November 22)

2018 NBA Finals - Game Two
Credit: Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images North America

What a week, huh? Jimmy Butler is traded.  Melo is sent to Siberia.  Draymond calls KD a bitch and to GTFO.  We love the NBA around here.

There was intrigue with the NFL too.  Brady looks… human.  The game of the year needs to move from Mexico City to Los Angeles (have you guys SEEN that field!? Horrible).  Le’Veon Bell will not come back this season, at which point his teammates decided to take his stuff (finders keepers, right?)

As fascinating as the off the field/court news is, we’ll keep on how the players are playing.  Lets see what Fredy, Andy, Kerm, and Nick are thinking…

OH! And an EARLY Happy Thanksgiving from us here at the Hold My Drink Sports team!

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Patriots Add Two Players to the Roster During their Bye Week

Dawson via NBC Sports Boston

It looks like the Patriots are making some changes to the roster on defense. I honestly have low expectations; one is a rookie and the other hasn’t done much this season. Mid-season additions don’t always work out the best, unless you somehow become loved in New England like James Harrison did last year (what the fuck was that?). What can we expect from these additions? Continue reading “Patriots Add Two Players to the Roster During their Bye Week”