The Rise of the Wolfpack

The New England Patriots are off to a great start this season, winning 3 straight games to start the year.

Tom Brady has been stellar thus far, going 72 for 106 (67.9%), with 911 yards, 7 TDs & 0 INTs, and a passer rating of 116.5.

For Brady, the start to 2019 is on par with his first 3 games in 2015-2017; take a look: Continue reading “The Rise of the Wolfpack”

Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

Hello football fans.

As a way to keep things interesting during the season, I’ve decided to debut a power rankings.

I’ll try my best to get this out every Saturday*.

It’ll be a fun way for you the reader to keep an eye on who’s up and who’s down on a weekly basis (based on my opinion).

As always, feel free to chime in!

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Do the Patriots benefit from being in the AFC East?

Ah yes, the common argument that part of the Patriots greatness is due to being in the AFC East, something you might be thinking about at the Patriots set off to play Miami this weekend. Continue reading “Do the Patriots benefit from being in the AFC East?”

Patriots Dominate During Banner Night

If you live under a rock, then you’ll never know how excited Boston is for the Patriots season. Granted, Patriots fans are always excited, but there hasn’t been this much hate for a sports team since KD joined the Warriors. And now? Antonio Brown, the league’s best receiver, has joined the Patriots on a one-year deal. Can you dig it? Continue reading “Patriots Dominate During Banner Night”