Who to Watch (March 8 – March 14)

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At the end of the Nuggets-Lakers game, Rajon Rondo was sitting in the crowd, away from his teammates, because he’s Rajon Rondo (Credit: ESPN)

Welcome back to Who to Watch.  Congratulations to LeBron James, who passed Michael Jordan to move up to 4th overall on the all-time scoring list on Wednesday.  He is now 1,333 points away from passing Kobe Bryant for 3rd, 4,618 points points away from passing Karl Malone for 2nd, and 6,077 away from passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for 1st, and with the way he keeps his body in shape, he could be the all-time leading scorer in the NBA before it’s all said and done; too bad he won’t make the playoffs anytime soon (sorry Kerm).  In other news, the Celtics look like they came back to life this week, the Rockets look SCARY good (sitting pretty in the third seed out West), the Trail Blazers are pretty good themselves good (don’t tell Fredy) and Trae Young has been phenomenal.  There are some great playoff races in the NBA, such as the battle for seeds 3 through 5 in the East, the battle for the final three playoff spots in the East taking place between five teams, and the mess in the West for seeds 3 through 8, where only three and a half games separate all teams involved. Oh, and Antonio Brown was a Buffalo Bill for a few hours.

Upcoming we have a match between the Lakers and Celtics tomorrow night, college basketball conference tournaments will kick into high gear, and NFL free agency will begin next Wednesday.  Keep an eye out for all of that!

Here’s who you should be watching over the next week:

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Michael Bennett to Patriots

3-time Pro Bowler Michael Bennett will reportedly be traded to the Patriots (via Clutchpoints.com)

Fredy and Nick break down the news on Michael Bennett being traded to New England


I don’t know if this is a good or bad idea. He was an absolute beast in Seattle and messed up any offense with his brute force and never give up will. But is this a good idea?

For Patriots fans, you know him as Marty’s brother. Or, the guy who started the fight against the Patriots at the end of the Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl. Maybe this could work. But whenever the Patriots get a defensive lineman from trades or free agency, it hasn’t worked out well.

Kony Ealy, Aidrian Clayborn, and that tub of lard Albert Haynesworth. I’m sure there’s more but those come to mind who are decently big names. Will Bennett work out and prove he’s worthy of the contract he wants? Because this is looking like a 1-year prove it situation. Who knows?

I’m not going to deny Bennett had a decent year but I’m just not sure we need another douche. Maybe it’ll work out like it did with Harrison. But after how many failed DE’s am I suppose to feel safe. Him being added to the Eagles didn’t do much of a difference. Adding Greg Schiano won’t help either. When asked about playing for a stiff, Bennett didn’t forget to mention his former coach in Tampa. “I did that before. It wasn’t fun […] His name is Greg Schiano.” Also, he said Schiano had small man syndrome. Sheesh!

Hopefully he does good, but Bennett thinks he’s better than he is. Let’s hope the Patriot way sinks in (hookers and PEDS?).



This is a great deal.  The Patriots literally have a dozen draft picks this year, and are giving up a 2019 5th-rounder for him (more details on draft picks coming out as I type).  They’re getting him for cheap in that respect because of his contract, not his play.

Bennett was good last season.  He had 9 sacks and 30 QB hits (the latter a career high), was ranked as the 21st best edge rusher according to Pro Football Focus.  He was on a deep Eagles defense, but that team as a whole took a step back compared to their 2017 season.

I get the concerns about his behavior, but I think the fact that Marty liked this team so much, and the system we have in place (although the Schiano part is interesting) bodes well for Michael Bennett on this team.  He’s respected (Ernie Adams said he was the “top priority” in order for the Pats offense in succeeding in Super Bowl 49), and is still playing well.  If he’s a “headcase,” cut him and move on.

This is a great move, and my only worry with it is that it means Trey Flowers could be out the door… but imagine if both are on the team next season….

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Will Pedrioa’s Knee Hold up?

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Dustin Pedroia is a player forever etched in Red Sox history. Winning championships in 2007, 2013, and 2018 is a nice resume. Especially when he played big parts in his first two.

Nick covered his accolades in his 2018 post about the 2nd baseman’s future with the team. I’m not going to argue that. From what I read, Cora and the other players appreciate his leadership in the clubhouse. I’m not doubting that. He’s been there longer than anyone, so if anyone deserves loyalty, it would be the guy who embodies a good Red Sox player (Although I am skeptical after that Machado incident). But, is his left knee going to get in the way of him being a regular almost everyday player? Continue reading “Will Pedrioa’s Knee Hold up?”

5 Players That Could Save the Celtics Season

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The Celtics lost to Houston on Sunday, their 5th loss in 6 games since the NBA All-Star break (Credit: Nancy Lane/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

The Celtics are in a funk.

After losing to Houston yesterday, the Celtics are now 1-5 following the All-Star break, and things aren’t clicking.  Although I am not the first, nor the last, may I just say this: please bench Marcus Morris, and please put Jaylen Brown into the starting lineup.  I would also recommend putting Aaron Baynes in the starting lineup over Marcus Smart just so the starting lineup has size, but one step at a time.

This column is about roster spot number 15

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Who to Watch (March 1 – March 7)

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Dwyane Wade hit a remarkable three pointer to give the Miami Heat the edge over the Golden State Warriors this past Wednesday; here he is sharing the aftermath of that moment with the fans of the Heat (Credit: For The Win)

Welcome back to the world’s greatest weekly preview of professional sports which is released on Friday afternoons!

This past week, the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics continued to… disappoint (nice call on Gordon Hayward last week Nick… NOT).  Dywane Wade made an insane three-point shot to beat the Golden State Warriors, Kyler Murray was announced to be 5’10” Jason Witten decided to leave MNF and come back to the Dallas Cowboys, and Bryce Harper FINALLY chose a team, signing with the Phillies for THIRTEEN (13) YEARS AND $330 MILLION! SHEESH!

March is a great month for sports.  March Madness begins on the 19th, playoff races will only heighten in the NHL and NBA, the first games of the MLB season begin on the 20th, while the traditional Opening Day will be the 28th.  Hopefully it will finally stop snowing, but who knows; one step at a time.

Lets get down to business

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