Week 13 NFL Power Rankings


We’re back a bit earlier this week with NFL Power Rankings. I thought it would be better to get these in before Thanksgiving so it still felt like a genuine Week 13 type of thing. I now have more time to work on a project this weekend (and watch football), and you get my amazing rankings 3 days earlier than normal… a win-win.

There are some really, really good games over the next week, so as long as you don’t watch Bears-Lions, you should be fine! To those celebrating the holiday, have a happy Thanksgiving (and get ready for shopping on Friday)

Biggest rise: New York Jets (up 4 spots)

Biggest fall: Oakland Raiders (down 5 spots)

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Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

Welcome to Week 12!

I’ll be honest, there was not a whole lot of movement since we last met, but that was mainly due to the contests we saw. Nothing really moved the needle, and what you saw before is more or less the same… but there is one significant change…. I’ll let you find it.

Biggest rise: Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons (up 3 spots)

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Week 11 Takeaways

Week 11 is over and we still have no idea who the best team in the league is. Is it the 9-1 Patriots and 49ers who have the best record, or is it the 8-2 Ravens who have absolutely smacked their opponents these past few weeks? I’m not sure. But what I do know is I still can’t buy into what the Vikings are trying to sell me. Also, I can’t write about this past week without mentioning Myles Garrett being an absolute dumbass.

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